Drag this link to your browser's toolbar

Add clippings from the web into your notes without leaving your browser tabs or windows.

To start using the Scrybe Bookmarklet, just make sure that the Bookmarks (Links) toolbar is visible and then simply drag and drop the link (above) on to the toolbar.

Or you can add the bookmarklet using Right-click. Right-click Scrybe Bookmarklet, and select Bookmark This Link (For IE: Add to Favorites) from the pop-up menu. Select Bookmark Toolbar (For IE: Links) and click OK.

Once you have set up the bookmarklet, make a selection on any web page, and click Scrybe on your browser.

A window pops-up displaying your clipping. Make any necessary changes in the web clipping. Choose a label, if desired and click Update.

The purpose of the Scrybe Bookmarklet is to save some relevant information and key images from a web page.

Please do not use this bookmarklet to add complete web pages to your notes.

Make small selections and avoid selections which include a number of tiny images.