How can I get a beta account?

Although Scrybe is in closed beta, existing Scrybe users can invite their contacts by sharing their Calendars, To-Do Lists and ThoughtStreams.

I registered for the beta invite but never got one.  What happened?

All subscribers to the Beta waiting list were invited to Scrybe by August 31, 2007.  If you had submitted your name to the beta list but never got an invite, it is possible that your spam filter caught the invite and it never made it to your inbox.

When is the next version of Scrybe going to be available?

Scrybe will not comment on release dates or upcoming product details any earlier than a couple of weeks before launching actual updates.

Will Scrybe work on a Mac?

Scrybe has been fully tested on Windows.  However, many users are successfully using Scrybe on other operating systems like Mac and Linux.

Which browsers does Scrybe support?

Scrybe has been fully tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer.  However, many users are successfully using Scrybe on other browsers like Safari and Opera.

OfflineSync is only available for browsers which have a “Work Offline” mode such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

What are the minimum requirements to run Scrybe?

You must have the latest version of Flash Player installed in your browsers.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to run Scrybe successfully.

The minimum required screen resolution is 1024 x 768.

Does Scrybe support multiple languages?

The current version of Scrybe is English only. We are on the lookout for volunteers who would be interested in helping us translate to other languages. If you are interested in helping us with this, please contact feedback[at]iscrybe[dot]com. We will contact you once our data is finalized and ready for translation. Please note that at this time we plan to support only left-to-right languages.

Is Scrybe free?

The current version of Scrybe is free. The upcoming versions of Scrybe will offer free and premium plans.

The current features will be included in the free plan. The premium plan will be based on a combination of new modules, functionality, storage, and usage of features.

Who can see my information on Scrybe?

By default, your information is accessible only to you, and will not show up in any search results. You can also share your calendars, list and thoughtstreams with your contacts to make them available to some people.  Only the shared calendars, lists and thoughtstreams will be available to your contacts.

How do I delete my account?

Please email feedback[at]iscrybe[dot]com for instructions on deleting your account.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

For press inquiries, business opportunities and concerns contact Sabika or Faizan at queries[at]iscrybe[dot]com.